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Thinkware F750-2Ch Dash Cam

F750 Car Camera Front Angle

F750 Car Camera Front AngleAt Dash Witness, we sell an extensive range of dash cameras. This has enabled us to become experts at understanding all varieties of camera, from a single forward facing unit, to an eight camera DVR system (Digital Video Recorder).

The Thinkware F750-2Ch is one of the most popular cameras we sell, it was awarded the 2015 CES Innovation Award, making it the first dash camera to win a major accolade. This high performance camera allows the consumer to have a front camera, and an additional rear camera if they wish. Recording in 30FPS at 1920 x 1080, the detailed footage is in Full HD and has a broad viewing angle of 140°.

This dash cam has advanced technology that is capable of warning you when you are approaching red lights, static or average speed cameras, and even places that regularly have mobile speed cameras (it’s worth noting that this feature can be disabled in the settings, it can be over enthusiastic in mobile speed camera zones). The Thinkware F750-2Ch also uses dual save technology, saving the latest events to both the SD card and internal memory of the camera. This ensures that if the SD card is damaged, footage can be retrieved from the internal storage.

The Thinkware F750-2Ch has an impressive four recording modes. Firstly, it has ‘continuous recording’ which does exactly as the name suggests – records from the moment the ignition is turned on, until the car engine is switched off.
‘Parking mode’ is the second option. In this mode the camera will record for a short while (car battery dependent) whilst the car is stationary and the engine is turned off, only saving footage if motion, or an impact is detected. The third type of recording is ‘manual recording’. Pressing the record button on the back of the camera, a manual event is triggered, saving the previous ten seconds and following fifty seconds of footage to the internal memory. ‘Incident recording’ is the final recording mode, the camera records what happens ten seconds before, and ten seconds after, a collision has been detected.

F750 backThe Thinkware F750-2Ch has built in GPS that logs the time, speed and location of the vehicle. It also has built-in WiFi so you can connect your mobile device to the camera, this allows you to view the camera live (useful when aligning the direction of the cameras), or review recorded footage. When using the app over the direct WiFi connection the camera will stop recording.

In conclusion, the Thinkware F750-2Ch is an outstanding camera that has a multitude of features that make it unique and specific to a range of requirements. It is currently priced at £229.99 also making it one of the most cost effective front and rear dash cam packages about. See the full spec list, or purchase the Thinkware F750-2Ch here.

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