Thinkware F750 Front & Rear Dash Camera Bundle

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Please note that this camera is no longer available and has been replaced by the Thinkware F770.

64GB Micro SD Card – optional

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The Thinkware F750 is a well thought out dash camera with many advanced, but also useful features. Those advanced features include lane departure and front collision voice warnings. Both of which would of went some way in helping the F750 claim the 2015 CES innovation award. Making it the first dash camera to win a major accolade.

However those warning systems are probably not what most are looking for in a dash camera, what may be more useful is the safety camera alerts. The F750 dash camera is capable of warning you if you are approaching red light, static & average speed cameras, it will also warn you if you’re approaching mobile speed camera hotspots.

But coming back to the features that are actually useful to a dash camera. The F750 has dual save technology which is designed to save recorded footage on both the Micro SD card and the internal memory. This is great because in the event that the memory card is damaged or corrupt there will be a backup of the latest recordings.

The Thinkware F750 dash camera has built-in GPS which will track time, location and speed. As well as built-in WiFi so you can review footage and configure the camera through a smartphone app. Both the front and rear camera are capable of recording in full 1080p HD @30fps and have a 140˚ lens providing a wide viewing angle for great visibility.

There are many other features scroll down to see a detailed explanation of each.


Video Resolution & Quality

The Thinkware F750 dash cam uses a 2.19MP Sony CMOS camera and can record in full HD (1920 x 1080 both front & rear) at 30 frames per second. The video clips are saved as .mp4 and the quality is among the best available.

The sample video provides a good indication of the quality of recording you can expect, this is recorded in 1080p @30fps. Please note, YouTube compression can degrade picture quality, make sure you have selected the highest resolution that YouTube will allow you to watch it back in. This can be selected by clicking on the settings cog when watching the video.

Recording Modes

The F750 dash camera has four recording modes and will automatically switch between continuous recording, which will start when you switch on the engine and parking mode (hardwire kit required) which will be activated once the engine has been switched off.

Incident recording will be activated when an impact is detected, automatically saving a 10 second video clip of before and after the incident to ensure you have the evidence. Finally the F750 has a manual recording mode which is triggered by pressing the REC button, this can be used to save a video clip of something that has occurred in front of you.

Thinkware F750 Recording Times

For both the front & rear cameras recording in full HD @30FPS

SD Card Capacity Minimum Recording Times Likely Recording Times
16GB 62 Minutes 109 Minutes
32GB 124 Minutes 219 Minutes
64GB 248 Minutes 438 Minutes

Safety Camera Alerts

The Thinkware F750 dash camera has a built-in safety camera database that will alert you when approaching one of four types of cameras. Fixed speed cameras, red light cameras, average speed cameras and mobile speed camera zones.

The database has approximately 18,000 locations stored for the UK and is regularly being updated.

Note – for those that aren’t concerned with this feature it can be disabled within the settings.

Built-in WiFi For Connecting A Smartphone or Tablet

The Thinkware F750 dash camera will allow your IOS or Android device to connect to it using WiFi in the same way you would connect to your home WiFi. Once connected you can use the Thinkware Dash Cam App to view the cameras live, review and download footage. Or adjust any of the numerous features that this camera allows you to configure.

As a safety precaution the camera will stop recording once you have connected over the WiFi, the idea being that this will prevent anyone from using the app whilst driving. Obviously this won’t be a problem for most. Don’t worry if you are using the app prior to driving and forget to disconnect from the F750 it will automatically disconnect you after one minute of inactivity.

It is worth noting that if you are using the app the WiFi will remain on so long as there is activity.

Thinkware F750 Box Contents

The items below are included with every Thinkware F750 and come packaged with the dash camera. A quick start guide and warranty card are also included.

Thinkware F750 Technical Specification

  • Brand – Thinkware
  • Model – F750
  • Front Camera – Yes, single channel
  • Second Camera – Yes, single channel
  • Screen – No
  • HD/Video Resolution – 1080p 1920 x 1080
  • Video Frame Rate – 30fps
  • Codec – H.264
  • File Format – MP4
  • Video Playback – Via IOS/Android App or PC/Mac Software
  • Viewing Angle – Diagonal 140°
  • Sensor – Sony CMOS Sensor
  • Internal Mic (Sound Recorded) – Yes, can be muted
  • Memory Card Included – Yes, 32GB Micro SD Card Class 10
  • Memory Capacity – 64GB SD Card Class 10
  • WiFi – Yes
  • Software – Dash Cam Viewer
  • Software Compatibility – Windows/Mac
  • Mobile App – Yes, Thinkware Dash Cam IOS & Android
  • Speed Camera Alerts – Yes but can be disabled
  • Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) – Yes but can be disabled
  • Front Collision Warning System (FCWS) – Yes but can be disabled
  • Removable Camera – Front Yes, Rear No
  • Internal Battery – No
  • G-Sensor – Yes
  • Parking Mode – Yes requires hardwire cable
  • Photo Mode – No
  • Built in GPS – Yes
  • GPS Mapping – Yes
  • Speed Stamp – Yes but only visible via software or app
  • Auto Event Recording – Yes
  • Auto start/stop rec – Yes
  • Date/Time Stamp – Yes
  • Overwrite Recording – Yes
  • Manual Recording – Yes
  • One Touch Formatting – Yes
  • Tone Alerts – Yes
  • Spoken Alerts – Yes
  • Infra Red Night-vision – No
  • Operating Temperatures – -10° ~ 60°C
  • Waterproof – No
  • Dimensions – 105.2mm (W) x 61.5mm (D) x 41mm (H)
  • Manufacturer Warranty – Dash Cam 1 Year, SD Card 6 Months

Installation Details

If you would like us to professional install your Thinkware F750 dash camera just tick the check box before you add the dash camera to the cart.

We cover the whole of the UK and are normally able to complete the installation within 10 working days of receiving the order.

Within 24 hours of placing an order you will receive a phone call to organise and book your installation date. In the meantime we will package and configure any equipment and dispatch it on a next day delivery.

The fitter will arrive on the agreed date and time. All he will require from you is access to the vehicle with enough space to be able to fully open the doors and of course the equipment.

All installations are covered under a 12 month workmanship warranty so if you have any trouble due to the installation we will return free of charge to correct.