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The best dash camera for drivig instructors

The Best Dash Cam For Driving Instructors

It is becoming more popular for driving instructors to use a dash cam in their lessons.  One requirement is a ...
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Thinkware F800 Safety Camera Alerts

Thinkware F800 Pro- Safety Camera Alerts

The highly anticipated Thinkware F800 PRO was released in August 2017. Since it's release the Dash Witness team have been ...
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BlackVue DR750S improvements

BlackVue DR750S Improvements

With the DR750S replacing the most successful BlackVue camera yet, the DR650S, there is a lot of pressure for this ...
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Coming Soon- BlackVue DR750S

Coming Soon: BlackVue DR750S UK

The BlackVue DR750S UK version is being released on October 6th. This is the successor to their best selling DR650S ...
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Dash Camera Wiring Options

Dash Camera Wiring Options

When purchasing a dash camera, you will need to decide how you want it wired into your vehicle. This is ...
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Dash Camera Captures Attempted Insurance Fraud

Dash Camera Catches Attempted Insurance Fraud

In the past couple of years, a scam known as crash for cash has become increasingly popular. Crash for cash ...
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