Thinkware F790-1CH

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The F790 dash cam from Thinkware uses the CMOS Imaging sensor to allow the dash cam to record clean & crisp 1080p Full HD footage, even at nighttime via its Super Night Vision 3.0 technology.
The F790 features an integrated mount and power supply, making the removal of the camera quick and simple.
Full of extra features such as Advanced Parking mode with Energy Saving 2.0 and Time Lapse technology, to keep you protected longer, and built-in GPS giving you access to multiple helpful aspects such as the speed camera database.

*This camera comes with a 32GB micro SD card as standard.

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The F790 also has ‘dewarping’ video technology. This means that the camera tunes the incoming video frames to show minimal distortion and reduce the lensing effect often displayed on other dash cams. The F790 will work on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi and specify which video is recorded. You can tweak the sensitivity, specify which mode to use the night vision (continuous, parking, disabled, or both) and set privacy recording levels. You can also set impact sensitivity and motion detection sensitivity. Other settings you can tweak include incident recording in continuous mode, motion detection and incident recording in parking mode, and manual recording. You can set the brightness of the front and rear cameras, The F790 can detect impacts when the car is parked. Hardwired into your car battery means that the camera can be on standby for up to 17.5 days. If an impact is detected, the F790 will wake up and start recording the next 20 seconds after the impact. The camera also uses time-lapse mode which records at 2 frames per second to reduce the size of the video file. When the F790 is installed and configured, it truly acts as your eyes on the road. It will warn you if you drift into another lane, and will beep if you get too close to the vehicle in front. It will also warn you if the car in front moves away from you from a stoplight. It warns you in good time when there are fixed safety cameras and pings when it is next to them. It tells you of any red light cameras, and where there are average speed camera zones. CAMERA: CMOS 2.1M RESOLUTION: Front: Full HD 1080P (1920 X 1080) Rear: Full HD 1080P (1920 X 1080) VIEWING ANGLE: Front: 140° (Diagonal) Rear: 160° (Diagonal) CAPACITY: Micro SD Card 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB UHS-I SENSOR: 3-Axis Accelerometer G-Sensor (3D, ±3G) GPS: Built-in GPS WI-FI: Built-in Wi-Fi (2.4GHz / 5GHz) POWER: DC 12/24V Built-in Super Capacitor Package Contents – F790 dash cam unit – Rear Camera – Mount – Hardwiring cable – Adhesive cable holder (3ea) – 32GB MicroSD memory card with adapter (consumable) – Quick Start Guide/Warranty Card

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