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How To: Resolve DAB Interference

DAB Interference Solutions

Some vehicles suffer DAB interference as a result of their dash camera being installed. This can be anything from a single radio station to the entire radio not working. However, there are ways that can fix this and get your DAB radio back. We have yet to come across a vehicle where we could not resolve this issue.

Ferrite CoresThe first way of removing the DAB interference is to attach ferrite cores to the cabling of the camera. It is usually rear cameras which cause the interference, so try attaching the core to the end of the cable at the rear camera first. If you have a front only camera it would be the same process but attaching the core as close to the front camera as possible. In the majority of cases, this one ferrite core will restore your DAB. If this does not work the next thing to try is to attach a couple more ferrite cores along the cabling of the camera, which should bring back your DAB radio.

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If adding ferrite cores has not resolved the DAB interference then you will need to re-route the cabling. This can either be changing it from the top of the trim to the bottom or changing the side of the vehicle that the cable is run.

Our engineers use these methods to to remove DAB interference and have yet to come across an instance that this has failed to work. If you are experiencing a DAB interference issue, you can try to resolve it yourself by using the above methods or you can contact us and we can get one of our fully trained auto-electricians to take a look at the vehicle and try to resolve the issue.