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‘Crash for Cash’ & Dishonest Drivers – just two reasons to buy a dash cam

Image: Cash For Crash Scene

This year has seen a noticeable spike in the airtime given to ‘crash for cash’ scams, this has bought an increased awareness to a previously almost unknown illegal industry worth 100s of millions a year. Unfortunately, it is the law-abiding citizens that ultimately fund this industry through increased insurance premiums.

Of course, the more immediate problem arises when you happen to be the victim of a crash for cash scam. Not only is it almost impossible to prove your innocence without solid video evidence, but there is also a good chance that you might not even realise a scam has taken place.

This brings us neatly to the first reason you need a dash cam. Protect yourselves from these criminal gangs in the only reliable way you can. Ensure you have a dash cam recording the evidence needed to prove beyond doubt that you are not at blame.

In accidents, you often find that the guilty party seems to have a fuzzy recollection of where the blame lies. Without solid video footage, it simply becomes your word against theirs. This is a common occurrence and often results in the insurance companies concluding in a ‘knock for knock’ outcome. If you are the victim this is not only frustrating and unfair but also costly.

The video below perfectly demonstrates the value of having dash cam video evidence:


With a dash camera fitted you have the evidence needed to speed up insurance claims and save your hard-earned cash falling prey to the dishonest, criminal gangs and individuals.

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