BlackVue Analogue Coaxial Cables

BlackVue coaxial cables are to be used to connect the second, or third camera to the front camera. They are only compatible with the 2Ch, or 3Ch camera options.

These cables are compatible with:
DR590/DR590W Series and DRS series

These are not compatible with the DR590X-2Ch, DR750X-2Ch, DR750X-3Ch, DR900X-2Ch.

Blackvue Hardwire Power Cable For X Series

**We strongly recommend professional installation as any damages to your vehicle or dash cam from an improper installation is not covered by our manufacturer’s warranty.

**If the fuse panel in your vehicle is either in the engine bay or the trunk, you may need the Long(7m/23ft) Hardwiring Cable.

In The Box
  • · Hardwiring Cable
  • · Installation Guide
Parking Surveilance Features
  • · Motion Detection
  • · Impact Detection
  • · Time Lapse Mode
  • · Energy Saving Mode
Cable Length
  • DC plug (Ø3.5 x Ø1.1)
  • Input Black : GND / Red : ACC / Yellow: BATT
  • Length 4.5m / 14.7 ft

BlackVue Coaxial Cables

BlackVue coaxial cables are to be used to connect the second, or third camera to the front camera. They are only compatible with the 2Ch, or 3Ch camera options. These cables are compatible with:

DR590X-2Ch, DR750X-2Ch, DR750X-3Ch, DR900X-2Ch.

These are not compatible with the DR590/DR590W Series and DRS series.

 All of these BlackVue dashcams use the BlackVue Analog Video Cable instead.

BlackVue Coaxial Cables

This cable allows you to have an additional rear camera to go with your forward facing camera, providing you with more complete coverage. This lead is for the BlackVue DR650GW, DR650S, DR750 and DR430 cameras only, it will not work with other makes/models.

Please note – You can only add an additional camera if you originally ordered a 2Ch camera. If you ordered a 1Ch camera you will find it simply doesn’t have the port to plug in a second camera.


Coaxial Cable 1.5M
Coaxial Cable 6M
Coaxial Cable 10M
Coaxial Cable 15M
Coaxial Cable 20M
Waterproof Coaxial Cable 15M
Waterproof Coaxial Cable 20M
Analogue Coaxial Cable 6m (DR590/DR590W Series)
Analogue Coaxial Cable 10M (DR590/DR590W Series)
Analogue Coaxial Cable 15M (DR590/DR590W Series)

Blackvue Power Magic Ultra Battery B-124X

Introducing the BlackVue Power Magic Battery B-124X, capable of powering a BlackVue dash cam in Parking Mode for extended periods of time without the need to ever draw power from the vehicle’s battery. The Power Magic Battery B-124X is an advanced mobile power source that charges when the vehicle is running and provides continuous 12v or 24v power when parked overnight. When the vehicle’s ignition is switched off and the car is unattended, the BlackVue dash cam will automatically enter Parking Mode, monitoring events and only recording footage when triggered by motion or impact. The B-124X uses LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) technology and can withstand extreme temperatures, go through more charge cycles, and is more environmentally friendly than a traditional Lithium-ion battery.

Fast Charging
The B-124X reaches a full charge in just 40 minutes when hardwired and 80 minutes when connected to the vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket

Plug & Play or Hardwire
The B-124X can be hardwired to the vehicle for faster charging, or simply plug & play by connecting to the cigarette lighter socket.

Extended Dash Cam Operation
The B-124X will power a single channel BlackVue dash cam for over 24 hours of constant recording. In real-wolrd situations where the dash cam is only recording periodically, the operation time will be measured in days rather than hours.

12V/24V Compatibility
B-124X supports 12v and 24v electrical systems, making it compatible with both cars and commercial vehicles.

Battery Manager App
The BlackVue Battery Manager app for iOS & Android is available free-of-charge, allowing the user to view important information such as the charge percentage, charging voltage, and time remaining until full charge.

5V USB Output
Charge accessories such as a smartphones, tablets or Wi-Fi hotspot device from the B-124X’s 5V USB output.

Expand the B-124X by adding the B-124E expansion battery, doubling the recording time. Multiple expansion batteries can be added in sequence to provide even larger battery capacity where required.