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Dash Cam Captures Mechanics 118MPH Test Drive

Image: Mechanics High Speed test Driver

This motorist was left feeling slightly suspicious after an alleged half a tank of fuel went missing whilst his Focus ST was in for a routine health check.

Thankfully, he had the foresight to fit a discreet dash camera, a simple check of the footage would put his mind to rest. You can image his surprise when upon checking the footage he found that the mechanics had taken his vehicle for a very thorough test drive indeed.

The dash camera recording shows the mechanics travelling at speeds often well in excess of the set road limits. Not to mention the undertaking and general carelessness shown to the customers vehicle. To add insult to injury you can also hear the driver’s colleague rummaging through a bag belonging to the customers son.

This video does however highlight yet another fantastic reason to fit a dash camera. No need to worry when you leave your vehicle with a mechanic, or in airport parking for that matter!

Your vehicle, is in most cases the second most expensive purchase you will ever make. If you suspect that someone who you have trusted with your vehicle, has taken advantage, misused or even caused damage then wouldn’t it be great if you had the video footage to prove it?

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