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The Best Dash Cam For Driving Instructors

The best dash camera for drivig instructors

It is becoming more popular for driving instructors to use a dash cam in their lessons.  One requirement is a camera that has a mobile app so they can playback footage to help a learner driver improve and point out exactly what they did wrong and how to correct it. They also need a camera that can be configured to run silently, as to not disturb learners during lessons or tests by beeping or ‘talking’.

These requirements rule out the majority of cameras, although Wi-Fi connectivity is becoming increasingly popular, it is not the norm with the majority of cameras on the market. Even fewer cameras are this configurable, with many not being able to completely turn off all noise that the camera makes. The BlackVue DR750S dash camera is what many driving instructors have purchased due to its unique ability to meet these precise requirements. This camera can come as either a front only or front and rear configuration.

BlackVue DR750S Features

The front and rear camera records in 1080p Full HD. This recording quality means that the footage will be crisp and clear. The DR750S also has built in GPS and Wi-Fi for use with the smartphone app and comes with cloud compatibility allowing you to view your camera remotely. Alongside these features, the cameras cylindrical design means it is our most discreet camera.
When connected to your camera over Wi-Fi, you can change camera settings, review previously footage and watch the camera live. This can be useful if you want to use the dash cam in driving lessons, as you can easily find the footage and play it back to the learner.

This camera also has the availability of parking mode recording when used with a hard-wire kit. This will result in the camera staying on for a period of time after the ignition is off, ensuring your vehicle is protected even when you are not in it.

View the BlackVue DR750S-2CH

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