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Mercedes Vito Dash Cam Installation- Smart Witness SVC400GPS


At Dash Witness, we pride ourselves in providing not only high quality products, but also a professional and well managed installation service. We are well experienced in completing front & rear camera installations such as this Jaguar XF fitting . However, we also cherish the opportunity to get involved in more complicated multi-camera systems.

When the owner of a Mercedes Vito approached us enquiring about a multi-channel system consisting of four cameras: a front, rear and two side cameras, we were only too happy to help. After listening to the customer’s requirements and taking into account their budget, it was agreed that the Smart Witness SVC400GPS recording unit would be most suitable.

Some of the Smart Witness SVC400GPS features include:IMG_2189 2

  • Automatic recordings
  • Delayed shutdown (continues recording for a couple of hours when parked)
  • Panic button (save clips to protected memory)
  • Very small recording unit

(Contact us if you’re interested in your own multi-channel camera system)

Once the equipment has been specified and agreed on, we plan the dash cam fitting. Sometimes this will involve a site visit ahead of the main installation date to check for power feeds and mounting positions. However, on most occasions, we’re able to draw upon past experience and arrive on site equipped with any additional, or specific, vehicle parts.

Fitting The Four-Camera SVC400GPS Vehicle Camera System

The power feeds are taken directly from the fuse board to the digital video recorder (DVR), the DVR then powers the cameras which allows them to have their own circuit and run on the  power that is provided by the DVR. This ensures that there is no interference from the cameras with any other devices, and also makes removal easy if needed. On the other hand, the power supply of the monitor comes from the ignition. The monitor allows you to view the rear camera when the vehicle is put into reverse, or the side cameras when the indicators are engaged.

Installation ImageThe next part of the installation is often the trickiest – feeding the cables through the vehicle. As we do not like visible cables, we  strive to completely remove all cables from sight.

The final step of the installation is the testing phase, this is where the engineer that is on site thoroughly tests the system and uses our camera commission checklist to ensure that the system works perfectly, with no bugs or glitches.

We strive to provide outstanding customer service from the moment you first make contact with us. If you have any queries, please contact us by phoning 01865 598599, or by using our contact form . However, if you already know what camera you want to buy, please visit our shop.

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ITV’s Car Crash Britain Returns Feb 2016

Dash Witness Car Crash Britain Cover

Car Crash Britain returns to our screens on ITV at 9pm this evening. It provides an intriguing, yet at times terrifying look at what is for most of us a daily event… driving on British roads.

The footage shown has been captured from dash cameras mounted in a range of vehicles. The cameras are usually mounted at the top centre of the windscreen and in most cars they hide from view by sitting behind the rear view mirror.

RollsRoyce-DashCamDash Cameras are not all born equal. There are now many low cost solutions but there are also high quality dash cameras with a host of impressive features. Least of these is the parking mode which will keep the camera rolling even with the ignition off. Smartphone apps allow you to review, download footage and adjust settings with ease. With the latest technology you can even view your cameras remotely.

We concentrate on providing only high end cameras that can be professionally installed, we don’t like cables and you certainly won’t see any once we’ve finished installing your dash cam.

For some friendly advice feel free to give us a call on 01865 598599, we can discuss your requirement and the options available. We also have a web chat facility, see the bottom right of the screen.

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