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Jaguar Dash Cam Installation- Thinkware F750-2Ch

Jaguar XF Dash Cam Install

Jaguar XF

Here at Dash Witness, we install dash cameras in a wide range of vehicles across the UK taking a very hands on and personal approach to each installation we take on.

Michael, the owner of a Jaguar XF 3L V6 contacted us, he wanted dash camera’s installed into his car but he didn’t know which one to get. We had a conversation with him and found his main concerns were:

  1. Discrete camera and fitting
  2. High quality video recording
  3. Professional installation, he was particularly concerned about damage to fabric and trim

Rear Cam

Once we understood this it became clear that the camera best suited to solve the problem is the Thinkware F750-2Ch. The camera can record in full HD on both the front and rear cameras, whilst still sitting discretely behind the rear view mirror. The F750 dash camera has an array of unique features such as dual save technology and advanced warning systems, all of which helped this dash cam win the 2015 CES innovation award.

Order your fully fitted Thinkware F750-2Ch here

Given our experience in dash cameras installations we were able to reassure the customer by providing case studies and references for some of the installations completed to date. We only use experienced and professional engineers who are very closely managed and must complete their work to the highest standard if they wish to work for us. After talking about previous work completed by our engineers- such as the Ferrari FF installation Michael was assured we could complete the installation, so a date was booked.

Front camera

Thinkware F750-2Ch Dash Cam fitting

The power feeds were taken directly from the fuse board using Add-A circuit adapters, this supplies the camera with its own fused circuit. we find this not only a very neat method of installation but also very versatile and can easily be removed if required. The F750 monitors the battery discharge and voltage levels and will switch the camera off if the voltage falls too low.

Perhaps the hardest part of many installations is feeding the cables through the body of the vehicle. We don’t like visible cables and in 99% of cases are able to completely hide them from view. This installation was no exception and the cables are out of view from the front all the way to the rear where the rear camera sits nearly completely hidden from view.

Finally the cameras are tested, the attending engineer will follow a commissioning check list specific to the camera to ensure everything is working correctly.

We pride ourselves in outstanding customer service and will be happy to answer any queries you might have prior to purchasing and after! If you are looking to buy and install a dash camera please call us on 01865 598599 or use our contact page. Or if you know what you are looking for visit our shop where you can select a camera and order directly.