Mi-Fi Adapter and 12GB SIM Card

£109.99 inc. VAT

This mobile WiFi hotspot gives any WiFi enabled device access to a secure internet connection. The SIM is valid for 12 months or until the 12GB of data has been used.

If this item is purchased alongside the BlackVue Power Magic Pro or Battery Kit with an installation, we will install the dongle via the same circuit so you can be sure that the WiFi network will be active when the camera is on. This will enable you to access the camera over the BlackVue Cloud, however be aware that either the vehicles battery or the additional battery kit will need to have sufficient charge to be able to supply the camera and MiFi dongle. See more information on this set up here.

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This mobile hotspot is perfect for those who would like to use all of BlackVue’s cloud features but do not park in the vicinity of a WiFi network of their own. This means you are able to make full use of your BlackVue’s features. You will be able to receive mobile notifications if any events occur, when both your mobile device and camera are connected to the internet.

By having a MiFi dongle with a SIM card you will be provided with a WiFi network within the vehicle, any device that connects to this WiFi network will have access to the Internet over 3G/4G, you would connect the BlackVue Camera to this WiFi network to give it Internet access. The camera and files will then be accessible from the smartphone App which you can install on an Apple or Android device. Your mobile device does not have to be on the same network as the camera.

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