BlackVue DR770X-1CH

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BlackVue DR770X-1CH features  Full HD Sony STARVIS™ image sensor for best image quality under any light. Also included are GPS logger, built-in Wi-Fi, Cloud connectivity, impact and motion detection.

*This camera comes with a 64GB micro SD card as standard.



BlackVue DR770X-1CH Dash Cam with 64GB microSD Card
Full HD with Sony STARVIS sensor and smooth 60fps video
Optional BlackVue CM100LTE module for always-on BlackVue Cloud connectivity
Built-in GPS adds optional location and speed data overlay to recordings
Wi-Fi for wireless connection to smartphone or tablet via BlackVue app
139˚ ultra-wide viewing angle captures every detail of the story
Intelligent Parking Mode protects your vehicle while you are not around
Impact Detection, Motion Detection and Time Lapse Recordings
64GB microSD memory card included as standard

BlackVue Cloud is a suite of innovative ‘connected’ features that take the BlackVue user experience to new levels, unlocking the true power of your dash cam and remotely connecting you with your vehicle. Let your BlackVue watch over your car, informing you immediately of incidents such as impacts, via Push Notifications to your Apple or Android phone. Connect to your BlackVue dash cam anytime, from anywhere, and check on your car with Remote Live View. Play recorded video clips remotely and back-up important ones to the Cloud or your phone. Monitor progress and access location data, GPS logs and Driving Reports courtesy of the realtime Live Tracking feature.

A BlackVue isn’t just a simple dash cam, it’s a complete video surveillance system, keeping an eye and ear on your vehicle even when you’re not around, thanks to Intelligent Parking Mode. When parked it uses motion and vibration sensors to detect events, recording and storing video clips for later viewing, or informing you LIVE via the BlackVue Cloud app and a suitable 4G connection – through the night if necessary, without depleting your vehicle’s battery thanks to the in-built voltage monitor and shut-off.

Dash cams are designed to record your drive, but did you know that the BlackVue DR770X can also monitor your vehicle when you’re not around? BlackVue’s unique Intelligent Parking Mode is ideal if you worry about hit-and-runs, theft or vandalism while your vehicle is parked and left unattended. The DR770X-1CH automatically switches to Parking Mode when the ignition is switched off, and will continue to monitor you’re your vehicle, recording and storing events for review later – or alerting you in real time via the BlackVue app if you are using the optional BlackVue CM100LTE connectivity module. Video buffering ensures that your camera will also record the seconds leading up to the event, ensuring you have the whole picture. The DR770X-1CH’s in-built power management circuitry ensures that your camera will never deplete your vehicle’s battery when operating overnight, switching-off should the car’s battery level drop below a pre-set level. For extended recording times simply add a BlackVue B-130X battery.

The DR770X-1CH supports two Parking Mode options, Motion and Impact Detection, and Time Lapse. Motion and Impact detection mode uses your cameras image sensor to detect movement, and the inbuilt accelerometer/G-sensor to detect bumps or impacts. To reduce the number of unwanted recordings triggered by motion and movement, the DR770X-1CH can specify areas to ignore, eliminating recordings triggered by things like swaying trees, far-away moving objects, etc. In Time Lapse mode, to reduce the size of the video files and save SD card space, the camera will continuously record at just 1FPS (one frame per second), rather than the standard 30/60 FPS. All event clips however are recorded at full resolution and 30FPS. A standard 64GB microSD card can store over 7 days of time lapse video at the highest (Extreme) video quality level.

Simply add the BlackVue BlackVue CM100LTE connectivity module and a 4G Data SIM card to your DR770X-1CH setup to enjoy always-on connectivity to BlackVue Cloud. That means whenever and wherever, you’ll receive notifications from the BlackVue app should something happen to your vehicle, giving you the option to view the footage remotely. And you’ll always have access to Cloud-based features like Live View, Video Back-Up and Real Time Tracking. The BlackVue CM100LTE is supplied with a Vodafone SIM card. Activate via the Vodafone Smart App to unlock a massive 40GB monthly data allowance for only £4.00 per month. Alternatively use your own choice of Network Provider, SIM card and data plan.

The BlackVue app for iOS and Android is free to download and use and allows you to conveniently control your dashcam from your smartphone. Access your camera’s configuration settings, video files and use camera Live View for easy set-up and positioning of the DR770X-1CH in your vehicle. The app also controls BlackVue Cloud and its unique set of connected features including Emergency Notifications, Live View, Video Back-Up and Real Time Tracking.

BlackVue Viewer for Windows and Apple Mac is free to download and allows you to easily configure your camera’s settings and view video clips. Access recordings on your camera’s microSD card, simultaneously viewing front and rear camera footage, moving maps and GPS data including time, date and speed. All video clips are listed by date, time and recording mode (Normal, Parking, Event, etc.), making it simple to quickly identify and archive important footage. BlackVue Viewer also provides access to your camera’s settings, as well as the ability to update your dashcam’s firmware when necessary. Viewer also allows you to connect to your DR770X-1CH remotely, accessing Live View, Real Time Tracking etc., anytime and anywhere.


DR770X camera
64GB microSD card
microSD card reader
Cigarette socket power cord
Hardwiring power cord
Quick-start Guide and User Guide
Adhesive pads for mounting bracket
Spare adhesive mounting Pads
Cable clips (x8)
Pry tool

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