Cellink B Battery Pack

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The Cellink B is a high quality additional battery pack that is designed to extend your dash cameras parking mode recording time. This is ideal for those who drive often and want to maximise the parking mode protection.

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The Cellink B battery pack provides you with significantly increased parked recording times. This battery pack can power a single camera for up to 30 hours, ensuring you have evidence if an incident occurs when you are away from the vehicle for a period of time.

A fully charged battery pack is capable of powering a single camera for up to 30 hours or a two channel camera system for 15 hours. The Cellink B is charged by driving your vehicle and is fully charged within 1 hour and 30 minutes of driving.

The Cellink B can be easily installed into any vehicle, with it easily being plugged into the cigarette socket or hard-wired to the vehicles fuse box. We would usually place the Cellink B in a inconspicuous place such as the passengers foot well, glove box or the boot of a vehicle. When the battery pack is hard-wired the charging time decreases by 30 minutes.