Road Angel Dash Cam Hardwire Kit – for Halo Ultra

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Road Angel Dash Cam Hardwire Kit – for Halo Ultra

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Unlock Always-On Dashcam Parking Mode with the Road Angel Dash Cam Hardwire Kit  featuring USB Type C connectivity. Easily hardwire your dash camera for continuous recording with this genuine accessory. Installation is simplified with various fuse taps and a 5-Volt 3-Wire USB Type C connection. Compatible with any 5V dash camera, including those without parking mode. The kit includes fuse taps and connectors for seamless integration into your vehicle’s system, suitable for Cars, EV/HEV Cars, Vans, Motorhomes, and Trucks/Commercial Vehicles. The package contains all necessary components, ensuring a quick and tidy installation that hides wires for minimal distraction while driving. Enable Parking mode and Winter mode effortlessly. Designed for easy installation, the kit offers plug-and-play accessibility with options for customization.

Please note, minor modifications may be needed, and professional assistance is recommended if installation instructions are unclear for your Road Angel Dash Cam Hardwire Kit. Maintain factory specifications with minimally invasive installation. Cable colours indicate power characteristics for easy identification: Yellow for Permanent Live/Positive, Red for Ignition Live/Positive, and Black for Ground.

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