BlackVue B-112 Power Magic Battery Pack

£179.95 inc. VAT

This battery pack extends your cameras parking mode recording time by 6 to 12 hours.

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The BlackVue B-112 battery pack will provide an extra 6 to 12 hours of parking mode recording for your camera, depending what camera system you have. This allows your vehicle to be protected for longer whilst parked.

This battery pack recharges whilst driving, with 1 hour of driving allowing the battery pack to be fully charged. This will power a BlackVue DR650s-2Ch for 6 hours or the one channel version for 12 hours.

The BlackVue B-112 is installed by plugging it into the cigarette socket of your vehicle. This means that no hard wiring is needed and allows for easy removal.

You are also able to charge your mobile phone or tablet with this accessory, it has two USB ports that allow you to charge your devices. Allowing your devices to not run out of battery whilst travelling.