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Range Rover Sport 2017 Dash Cam Installation

Range Rover Sport 2017 - Dash Cam

Discreetly fitting a front and rear dash camera in a Ranger Rover Sport can be quite a challenge. Why, you ask? Mainly, because the rear door unit is almost completely sealed making it difficult to get the rear cable in place. That said, if you are willing to take time and care it can be done. Whilst leaving almost no cable on show.

When we undertake a dash cam installation, we strive to completely hide all cables. For the front camera this is no problem, for the rear camera there are two ways it can be done:

Range Rover Sport 2017 Looping Rear Cable
Option A – The rear cable is looped from the body of the car to the boot door
Range Rover Sport 2017 Hidden Rear Cable
Option B – The rear cable is run through the body work and almost completely hidden

The second option is a much neater solution. If you’re going to attempt this yourself you will need to set aside around 3-4 hours. Most of which will be spent running the cable for the rear camera. Step-by-step instructions for this can be seen below.

If you would like Dash Witness to fit a dash camera for you please get in touch using this form, we will come back to you with a quote and possible installation date.

    Fitting the rear dash camera in a Range Rover Sport 2017

    I’m not going to cover fitment of the front camera here. We’ll assume you’ve got to the point where the rear cable is at the back of the vehicle. The first stage is to take the cable from the body of the vehicle into the frame of the rear door.

    We try to avoid altering the vehicle in anyway. It’s nearly possible on the Range Rover Sport, but you will need to unclip the rubber grommet and put a small slit in the rubber. Fortunately, where you place the slit is above the seal and will be inside the frame of the boot so there is no risk of rain water finding it’s way through. To be safe we re-wrap this in weatherproof fabric cloth.
    Rear Cable Grommet
    From here the cable should be taken along the underside of the boots door frame. Remove the trim covering the hinge to reveal access to a small channel, the dash cam’s cable will slip into the channel and can be pulled tight. Securing it in place with a cable tie is advisable.
    Underside Door Frame
    The next job is to run the cable along the outer side of the boot door and through an access hole which takes you into the inside of the door frame. To get access to this you’ll need to remove the rubber trim that fixes along the outer edge of the door frame, shown below.
    Range Rover Sport - Rubber Side Trim
    Now you can run the cable along the outer edge of the door frame, fixing it in place. Once you finish long here, the rubber trim will sit back over the cable hiding it from view and protecting it from the elements.
    Ranger Rover 17 - Outer Edge Run
    Now the fun begins, from here you will need to take the cable back up the inside of the door frame and out through a very small hole on the opposite side, on the inner edge of the door frame. You will need to get a cable draw through first, I would suggest doing this in two stages. You can see how we tackle this below.
    Range Rover Dash Cam - CableRun
    Now you can use the draw to pull your cable through, you could at this point tie the two cable draws together and pull them through to create one straight draw from the top to inner edge. However, you may find it easier to take the cable through in two stages using one draw at a time.

    Either way, once you get the cable out on the inner edge you need to very careful manoeuvre the end of the cable through the small hole that sits closest to the glass. For this reason we would recommend fitting the BlackVue DR650S-2Ch, it has a smaller connector than any of the other cameras we’ve seen. We fitted a Thinkware F770-2Ch on this vehicle, it was very tight!Final Fix

    Now you can put any trim back in place and admire the the finished product. Look carefully and you’ll spot the rear camera.
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