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Extend Your Dash Cameras Parking Mode Recording Time

How to extend parkinf mode recording time

If your dash camera has parking mode you will know that most only record for a short time after the vehicle is switched off. This can leave your vehicle vulnerable though as it will not last the whole night.

However, there is now a solution to this, a new and improved battery pack. These battery packs can be installed into your vehicle and are quickly re-charged by driving the vehicle for 1-1.5 hours. These battery packs can provide your camera system power for anything between 20 and 100 hours depending which option you go for.

The biggest problem with using a battery pack is the recharge time, if you don’t drive either sort regular distances of around 30 minutes each morning and evening, or a longer trip of 2 or more hours every couple of days. Then a battery pack may not be worth the additional cost, however, if you do regularly drive for times similar to this then a battery pack has the potential to keep your cameras recording all day.

Dash Cam Battery Pack Options

We have two solutions, the Cellink B or the Cellink Pro. Each battery pack was developed to meet a specific requirement and budget, read on for more details:

Cellink B Battery PackThe Cellink B

The cellink B will provide your front only camera with up to 30 hours of power or 15 hours for a front and rear camera system. This is additional battery pack will normally be placed under the front passengers seat. This battery pack can either be hard-wired or plugged into your vehicles cigarette socket. Find out more

The Cellink Pro

Cellink pro
This is a battery that will be placed in the boot, this way it will be discreet and not in your way. The Cellink pro can provide a front only camera power for 100 hours or 50 hours for a front and rear system. This option is perfect for those who’s vehicle may be unattended for a couple of days at a time. View the full description

If you have any further product questions or would like to have one of these batteries professional installed alongside a camera system then please contact us so we can provide a quote.