[Infographic] Should You Have A Dash Cam With Or Without A Screen?

Dash cameras are very clearly split into two groups. Those with a display screen, and those without.

There are distinct differences between the two and this often leaves people confused about which route is best to go. This infographic explains some of the key differences to help you make a more informed decision.

Dash cams with a display screen are generally much larger in size than ones without, meaning they are a less discreet option. Options such as the BlackVue DR750S are so discreet that they are practically undetectable in your vehicle – especially during the night.

However, the convenience of being able to access your dash cameras settings and review footage directly from the unit is undeniable.

The majority of dash cams without a screen have built-in WiFi and a mobile phone app. These connect together which essentially turns your smartphone into the display screen of a dash cam. For many people, this provides the best of both worlds.

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Should you get a dash cam with or without a display screen infographic


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