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Thinkware F800 Pro- Safety Camera Alerts

Thinkware F800 Safety Camera Alerts

The highly anticipated Thinkware F800 PRO was released in August 2017. Since it’s release the Dash Witness team have been thoroughly testing the camera and we are very impressed with it’s performance. In fact, we have been so impressed that we will be writing a series of articles each highlighting a specific feature of the F800 starting with safety and speed camera alerts.

Speed Camera AlertsSpeed Camera Alerts

The Thinkware F800 allows you to choose from being alerted to any of the following when driving: red lights, static and average speed cameras along with mobile camera hot spots. You can now configure the F800 to enable only certain types of camera warnings or you can disable this feature completely. The speed camera database is updated every three months and the latest version can be downloaded from the Thinkware website.

Safety Alerts

Thinkware have made driver safety one of their top priorities Which is why they have added two new alerts whilst keeping the lane departure warning system (LDWS) and front collision warning system (FCWS) that other Thinkware cameras have.

The first new addition is is urban forward collision warning system (uFCWS). When the uFCWS is enabled, the F800 will calculate the real-time distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you and will then issue a 3-level early warning to the driver depending on the danger of collision.

Front vehicle departure warning (FVDW) is another new addition to the safety alerts. By enabling the front vehicle departure warning (FVDW) the Thinkware F800 will give you an audible alert when the vehicle in front has started to move, preventing a delayed response from the driver.

To enable and configure the safety/ speed camera alerts you will need to change the settings of the camera by using either the Thinkware viewing software on a PC/laptop or by using the F800 mobile app.

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Thinkware F800 Air

Thinkware F800 Air

At CES 2017 Thinkware scooped another innovation award. Their previous model, the Thinkware F750 won this award in 2015. Now two years and two models later they have reclaimed their prize. This time the camera that won the award is the Thinkware F800 Air. The Thinkware F800 is expected to be released in mid august without the cloud capabilities, which will be added at a later date with a firmware update.

Thinkware F800 Air New features:

The Thinkware F800 Air is packed full of new and improved features, making a company that was already one of the best camera producers even more deadly. The main focus of their improvements have been on the online features of the camera and keeping up with the advancement of technology.
Thinkware F800
The introduction of Thinkware cloud is the first big change to the camera. With BlackVue already offering a cloud service, Thinkware have followed suit in the hopes of enticing more technology minded buyers to get this camera. The Thinkware cloud will give you access to an online account that allows you to save and download footage directly onto the cloud to keep your important video files safe.

Continuing with the theme of new technology, The F800 has a feature that no other dash camera has- Emergency alerts. This will automatically send an SMS or call emergency contacts on your phone if an event occurs. This Provides anyone who has this camera in their vehicle complete peace of mind when driving.

The next feature the F800 has at its disposal is parking mode notifications. You will get a notification on your mobile phone to alert you that an incident involving your vehicle has occurred, allowing you to take the appropriate actions quickly.

Geofencing is another new addition to the F800 Air’s armoury. If your camera goes outside of a pre-set GPS zone, you will be alerted via mobile.

The final new addition is driver reports. This is perfect for anyone who owns a fleet of vehicles, it will analyse the driving patterns and tell you about the speed, braking and acceleration patters that the vehicles have.

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