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New Release: The Thinkware Q800 PRO Dash Cam

Thinkware Q800 PRO Quad HD Dash Cam

Thinkware Q800 Pro 2 Channel Dash Camera Front and RearAs the latest release from Thinkware, the Q800 PRO instantly leads the pack with their best recording quality yet, along with a huge amount of features, and a modern, discreet design. The Thinkware Q800 PRO is available in both front and rear, or front only options.


Recording Quality

The Q800 PRO boasts the highest recording quality of any Thinkware camera yet. The front camera recording at a staggering 1440p Quad HD – 4X clearer image than regular HD – while the rear captures 1080p Full HD, both at 30 fps.

It has a 140° wide angle lens which ensures you capture the whole story of any accident, and is also equipped with super night vision 2.0 and advanced clear video technology which ensures captured footage is crystal clear for use in court or an insurance claim. This makes the Q800 PRO a serious contender as the best dash cam for both driving and parked recording purposes.



The design of the Thinkware Q800 PRO is purposefully discreet, with a convenient adhesive pad mount, allowing it to sit neatly behind the rear view mirror, ensuring it is positioned legally and therefore won’t cause any distraction to you while driving. This design acts as a luxury addition to the interior of your car, rather than taking away from it, making the price all the more worth it.



Video Quality – 

The video quality of the Q800 Pro is better than ever with the front camera capturing 1440p Quad HD, and the rear recording at 1080p Full HD, both at 30FPS. This is alongside super night vision 2.0, and advanced clear video technology.

Integrated WiFi And GPS – 

These are both key features for any high quality dash cam. The built-in WiFi allows a smart phone to connect to the camera through the downloadable app, in order to remotely review or download any important footage without having to remove the SD card and put it into a computer. You can also directly alter the camera settings, and view the live camera feed through the app. This drastically improves the useability and efficiency of the camera.

The built-in GPS antenna allows the vehicle speed, location, and direction of travel to be recorded. This can be crucial data when using your dash cam footage as evidence for an insurance claim.

Recording Modes –

The Thinkware Q800 PRO features 4 distinct recording modes which it will automatically switch between depending on what is happening around the vehicle. Most of the cameras time will be spent in continuous recording mode which will begin once your vehicles ignition is switched on. This will store recordings to the SD card in 1 minute clips until there is a shock/impact, or the ignition is switched off.

Event recording mode will automatically begin if shock or impact is detected around the vehicle. This will save a 20 second video file of the event into a separate section of the memory, preventing it from being overwritten by normal footage.

The third recording mode is manual recording, which is triggered when you press the rec button on the camera. This will save the footage taken around that time to the manual recording section of the memory, useful if you spot dangerous driving or road rage incidents.

The fourth mode is parking mode, which requires your dash cam to be hard-wired to the battery of your vehicle. Once the ignition is switched off your camera will automatically go into parking mode. The camera will then only save video files when it detects motion around, or impact to your vehicle. Alternatively, you can set it to time-lapse parking mode which will result in the camera recording at 2FPS for the duration of its parking mode.

Safety Alerts –

Driver safety is a top priority for Thinkware, clearly shown by the quality of the Q800’s optional speed camera alerts and driver safety warning system. If enabled, the camera will emit an audible alert to warn the driver of red lights, static and average speed cameras, along with mobile camera hotspot areas.

The driver safety warning system is now better than ever with the urban forward collision warning system (uFCWC) and front vehicle departure warnings (FVDW) being added, alongside the standard lane departure warning system (LDWS) and front collision warning system (FCWS) that the other Thinkware models have.

When the urban forward collision warning system is enabled, the Q800 will calculate the real-time distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. It will then issue a 3-level early warning to the driver depending on the danger of collision.

By enabling the front vehicle departure warning, your dash cam will inform you that the vehicle in front of you has started to move.


To view the Thinkware Q800 along with the full technical specifications, click here.

Alternatively, view our full range of dash cams and installation options here.

If you require assistance or have any questions regarding the best options for you, please call us on 01865 598599, or using the contact form below.

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New Release: The Mio MiVue J60 Dash Cam

The New Mio MiVue J60

Mio MiVue J60 FrontMio has recently released their brand new dash camera model, the MiVue J60, which again presents incredible quality at a low price. With an array of features, and an emphasis on design and recording quality, it is bound to improve your overall driving experience.


Recording quality from the MiVue J60 is an impressive 1080p HD at 30fps, with a 150° wide angle lens, ensuring that every detail of your journey is covered with HD footage. Along with this, an F1.8 aperture lens allows more light to be picked up by the sensor, providing clearer and brighter recordings – even in low light conditions.


The design of the Mio MiVue J60 is purposefully discreet, being small and simplistic allows it to be installed behind the vehicles rear-view mirror. Completely out of the drivers sight, meaning it causes no distraction whilst driving. Not only does this ensure that the dash cam is legally placed and distraction free, but it also reduces the risk of the camera being a target of theft. Overall, the quality of the design matches that of the recording.


Integrated WiFi and GPS – A main feature of this new dash cam is the built-in WiFi and GPS tracking. The WiFi feature provides a connection between your phone and dash cam, meaning that using the iPhone and Android app, you can immediately download or share footage, and remotely update the firmware of the camera, and speed camera data. GPS tracking means that all speeDash cam computer applicationd and location data is logged for every journey made, ensuring you have all the details needed in the event of an accident or fine.

Driver Assistance – The camera has the ability to generate alerts and reminders to assist you in reaching your destination safely. These come in the form of voice warnings from the speaker of the camera. Speed Limit reminders are one of the things possible from this, along with warnings when you’re going over the speed limit. Another application of this is voice guidance telling you if you are beginning to drift from the centre of the lane. Some other warnings and reminders provided include a headlight reminder, lane change warning, and forward collision warning.

Parking Mode and G Sensor – Parking mode allows footage to be recorded while the vehicle is turned off by taking power from the battery of the vehicle. Sensor technology ensures that the battery is not damaged or drained by cutting off parking mode once the battery reaches 12V, so you will never have to worry about your dash cam affecting the cars battery. Being paired with a 3-Axis G sensor, any sudden movement around the vehicle is detected and automatically stores footage around this event. This ensures that valuable footage and evidence is always kept safe, rather than being overwritten.

For only £129.99, the Mio Vue J60 comes with everything you need to get started, making this an incredibly good option when you want a discreet, quality camera at a low price point.

Click here to take a look at the new Mio MiVue J60

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    BlackVue DR750S Improvements

    BlackVue DR750S improvements

    With the DR750S replacing the most successful BlackVue camera yet, the DR650S, there is a lot of pressure for this camera to have a significant increase in performance.  Here we have rounded up the 15 most important changes that make the BlackVue DR750S the best camera in their line up.

    1.  Full HD rear camera:
      This is a major step forward for BlackVue, with the rear camera finally being updated to record in Full HD @ 30FPS, ensuring the rear camera video recordings are as clear as possible.
    2. Sony STARVIS image sensor:
      The low-light video quality and dynamic range video improvements are a result of the new sensor. This means that both the bright and dark areas of the video are shown in more detail than ever before, reproducing an accurate account of any incident.
    3. Faster Processor:
      The increased processing power results in the entire camera’s performance being improved, with everything from the time it takes to boot up to downloading footage over Wi-Fi being quicker.
    4. Better video encoding:
      At comparable bit rate, you will probably notice fewer artefacts (blocking). Note that this might be hard to compare on YouTube, which reprocesses the videos and usually causes areas with lots of details like trees to exhibit artefacts anyway. This can happen even if the original footage is clear of artefacts.
    5. 60FPS Recording:
      The rear camera is not the only camera that has had an improvement, the front camera now records in 60FPS. This will increase the fluidity of the video and is most noticeable when turning or going past fast moving objects.
    6. Improved GPS performance:
      The GPS module has been improved so the location will be locked onto quicker and the signal will be maintained.
    7. Event File Overwrite Protection:
      The DR750S can protect up to 50 Event files. After 50 event files, the following event files are saved in the regular partition and can be overwritten. You can also choose to always keep the latest 50 Event files (so Event files loop into their own partition).
    8. Reduced power consumption:
      The dash cam itself produces less heat and has lower power consumption. This means the DR750S will have increased parking mode recording times, keeping your vehicle protected for longer.
    9. Better file management:
      To improve the expected lifespan of the Micro SD card the BlackVue DR750s has an adaptive format-free file management system. This improves the stability of the camera performance and reduces the frequency that you need to format the SD card.
    10. Higher heat endurance:
      The BlackVue DR750S is guaranteed to run with no problems in temperatures up to 70°C and will cut off at around 80° C. However, in testing the DR750S has managed to stay on at even higher temperatures.
    11. Scheduled reboot:
      As cliche as it is, restarting your device from time to time can aid stability. With scheduled reboot, you can choose a time suitable for you that the camera will reboot.
    12. Improved motion detection:
      The way Motion detection works in Parking Mode has been improved to reduce the amount of “false positives” such as trees or people passing in the distance. You can also disable motion detection so the DR750S will only record when an impact is detected.
    13. Maintaining camera settings:
      To make the upgrade of firmware as painless as possible the BlackVue DR750S will keep your settings when upgrading the firmware. This saves you the time and stress of going through the menus to set up everything again after performing a firmware upgrade.
    14. Improved security:
      In a move to improve security, the DR750S has introduced unique Wi-Fi passwords. The password to your camera is included in the box and printed on the inner label of the camera, which can be discovered by removing the dash cam from its mount.
    15. Improved Stealth:
      The BlackVue DR750S allows you to turn off all LED indicators of the dash cam, even when in parking mode. This means your system can go completely undetected to those outside of the vehicle.

    As a result of these 15 improvements, the BlackVue DR750S is the highest quality camera that BlackVue has ever produced and will help it make a claim for the best camera system available on the market.


    Shop for the BlackVue DR750S

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    Coming Soon: BlackVue DR750S UK

    Coming Soon- BlackVue DR750S

    The BlackVue DR750S UK version is being released on October 6th. This is the successor to their best selling DR650S dash camera. With the BlackVue DR750S, every aspect of the previous model has been improved, making it one of the best cameras on the market.

    BlackVue DR750S Features:

    The major improvement for the DR750 is that of the video quality. The front camera’s sensor has been improved to produce even clearer video evidence. The front camera records in 1080P Full HD @ 60 FPS, with the rear camera recording at 1080P Full HD @ 30FPS. This makes it the first dash camera that records simultaneously in 60 and 30 FPS.
    BlackVue DR750S front camera
    The BlackVue DR750S now features format free technology, meaning you no longer have to worry about formatting the SD card regularly. This technology also makes file corruption less likely. By including this feature it allows you to forget about the camera once it is installed, with the knowledge it will be recording if an accident does occur.

    The reduced power consumption of this camera allows it to stay in parking mode for even longer, providing you with further peace of mind when you are away from your vehicle.

    The processor has been significantly improved, with everything from the time it takes boot up, to downloading footage and the GPS locking on. It is estimated that the DR750S is twice as fast as its predecessor, the DR650S.

    Cloud functionality is still one of BlackVue’s highest priorities, which is why the DR750S is ready for use with a mobile internet source. When connected to BlackVue Over the Cloud, you can access features such as remote live view, mobile push notifications and the ability to back up important videos to the Cloud.

    Use the form below to be the first to know about new information regarding the BlackVue DR750S UK:

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    Thinkware F800 Air

    Thinkware F800 Air

    At CES 2017 Thinkware scooped another innovation award. Their previous model, the Thinkware F750 won this award in 2015. Now two years and two models later they have reclaimed their prize. This time the camera that won the award is the Thinkware F800 Air. The Thinkware F800 is expected to be released in mid august without the cloud capabilities, which will be added at a later date with a firmware update.

    Thinkware F800 Air New features:

    The Thinkware F800 Air is packed full of new and improved features, making a company that was already one of the best camera producers even more deadly. The main focus of their improvements have been on the online features of the camera and keeping up with the advancement of technology.
    Thinkware F800
    The introduction of Thinkware cloud is the first big change to the camera. With BlackVue already offering a cloud service, Thinkware have followed suit in the hopes of enticing more technology minded buyers to get this camera. The Thinkware cloud will give you access to an online account that allows you to save and download footage directly onto the cloud to keep your important video files safe.

    Continuing with the theme of new technology, The F800 has a feature that no other dash camera has- Emergency alerts. This will automatically send an SMS or call emergency contacts on your phone if an event occurs. This Provides anyone who has this camera in their vehicle complete peace of mind when driving.

    The next feature the F800 has at its disposal is parking mode notifications. You will get a notification on your mobile phone to alert you that an incident involving your vehicle has occurred, allowing you to take the appropriate actions quickly.

    Geofencing is another new addition to the F800 Air’s armoury. If your camera goes outside of a pre-set GPS zone, you will be alerted via mobile.

    The final new addition is driver reports. This is perfect for anyone who owns a fleet of vehicles, it will analyse the driving patterns and tell you about the speed, braking and acceleration patters that the vehicles have.

    Use the form below to be notified of new information about the Thinkware F800 Air.
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