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Thinkware Dash Cam Review

Thinkware are known for their extensive product range including a huge variety of price points, designs, and features which has continued to grow and improve ever since they entered the market in 1997.

Their cameras are built to be discreet and stylish with the look and performance of a premium product while maintaining a reasonable price tag.

Thinkware pride themselves on being the worlds leading and most reliable dash camera brand, shown by their saying;

‘It is not just a simple camera, but a dependable partner that captures every second perfectly for you whilst driving. Nobody can be sure what will happen on the road. However, Thinkware dash cams never miss a thing.’

Thinkware dash cam prices vary drastically from £99.99, up to £368.99.

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Thinkwares Best Dash Cam Features

WiFi & GPS

Built-In WiFi & GPS is a standard feature for nearly every Thinkware camera model.Thinkware Mobile Viewer App M1

Built-In WiFi allows you to connect your smartphone to the camera through the Thinkware mobile viewing app.

This provides easy access to the settings of the camera, along with the ability to review or download footage, drastically improving usability and efficiency.

GPS allows you to view the location information of your vehicle, including current location, previous journeys, the direction of travel, and speed. This can be very useful for proving your location in a car cloning court case, or as evidence against claims of speeding.

For those who don’t have built-in GPS, you are able to purchase the external GPS antenna in order to access these features.

Range Of Products

Not strictly a dash cam feature, but one of the most impressive things about Thinkware is the varied range in which they offer.

Rather than sticking with the standard front and rear options, they have products such as the M1 Motorsports cam made for extreme use on vehicles such as motorbikes where normal options won’t do the job.

The M1 isn’t just impressive, it sets the gold standard for motorsport cameras and definitely ticks every box. You can find out more about the M1 Motorsports Cam here.Thinkware M1 Motorsport Front and Rear Dash Cam Image 2When it comes to regular dash cameras, they have a massive variety of prices which can fit any budget, all the while ensuring that every camera is high quality. Higher quality than you’d expect for the price.

For a basic, budget dash camera which gets the job done, take a look at the F50.

For the best Thinkware money can buy, take a look at the Q800 PRO.

Furthermore, the Thinkware X700 is a great option for those who would rather lose some discreetness in order to have a display screen. For recording the inside of your vehicle there are several IR cameras available which are perfect for taxi drivers.

It is clear to see that Thinkware has covered all angles within the dash camera market and likely have an ideal solution no matter what your requirements are.

Day/Night Recording Quality

Another feature of Thinkware cameras which stands out is the quality for both day and night recording.

1080p Full HD recording is standard throughout all their cameras, with some high-end models going even higher.

Aside from this, they make use of wide dynamic range (WDR) correction for day-time recording. This eliminates excessively bright spots on the recording to correct the colour balance and ensure a clear image.

The difference this makes is definitely noticeable, shown below.

Thinkware Wide Dynamic Range Correction Example

Furthermore, night-time recording is improved in low-light environments such as alleys and car parks with their SUPER NIGHT VISION 2.0.

This uses image signal processing (ISP) technology to provide clear, visible video in any situation. Again, the difference is clearly visible, shown below.

M1 Motorsports Cam Night Vision Recording


Parking & Time Lapse Mode

Parking mode is definitely a strong point of Thinkware dash cameras.

They have two options.

Standard Parking Mode

The first of which is a standard parking mode where the camera will be inactive while the vehicle is parked, but the motion sensor will be looking for movement and impact around the vehicle.

When something is detected, the camera will begin recording and automatically save this footage to a write-protected section of the SD Card.

The motion sensor is very accurate in Thinkware cameras, along with having very good voltage detection which will automatically stop parking mode when the battery of your vehicle begins to get low. This stops the battery being drained below a point where starting up again would be an issue.

Time-Lapse Mode

Alternatively, Thinkware cameras have the option of Time Lapse when in parking mode.

This allows the camera to continuously record while parked, rather than only when motion is detected. The recording will be at 1 frame per second to form the time-lapse.

The main benefit of this is that it extends the standard length of parking mode by up to 1 hour!


There is plenty of variety within the Thinkware range in terms of design. However, all of them are modern, nice looking pieces of kit which are clearly designed to be as discreet as possible.

While they have more traditional rectangularly shaped options such as the Thinkware F200, they are recognisable for their design which can be seen on the higher-end models including the F770, F800, and Q800 Pro.

This design (shown below) allows the dash cam to sit flush against the windscreen, meaning it can be tucked much higher and more discreetly behind the rearview mirror, and is, therefore, less visible to others, and less obstructive to the driver.

Thinkware F800 pro flush discreet design

Furthermore, the X700 is an ideal option for anybody wanting a screen on their dash cam, without sacrificing quality and reliability, while also maintaining a level of discreetness.

Driver Safety Warnings

Driver safety is clearly a top priority for Thinkware, and this is reflected in the built-in driver safety warnings within their dash cams.

All of these features are completely optional and can easily be turned on/off using the cameras app.

The first of the driver safety features are speed camera alerts. When enabled, the camera will emit an audible alert to warn the driver of red lights, static, and average speed cameras, along with mobile camera hotspot areas.

Along with this, lane departure, urban forward collision, front vehicle departure, and front collision warning systems are all integrated within the Thinkware dash cams.

When the urban forward-collision warning system is enabled, the camera will calculate the real-time distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. It will then issue a 3-level early warning to the driver depending on the danger of collision

By enabling the front vehicle departure warning, your dash cam will inform you that the vehicle in front of you has started to move.


Thinkware have an excellent variety of dash cameras with all the features you would want or need.

In terms of quality, value for money, and reliability, they are unrivalled.

If you would like to find out more about our range of Thinkware dash cams then please contact us using the form below, or click here.

For advice on the best option for you, or to arrange professional fitting of your dash cam, contact us here.

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