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Image: What is a G Sensor

What Is A G Sensor?

A G sensor is commonly referred to as an accelerometer. They are used in a wide range of devices like ...
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Image: Why Buy a Dash Cam

Why Buy A Dash Cam?

When our customers ask, "why should I buy a dash cam?" our most common response is, "to protect yourself from ...
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In Car Camera Mounting Options

What is an in-car camera?

Aka Dashboard Camera or Dash Cam A dash cam or in-car camera is an on-board camera that usually attaches to ...
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Image: 5 Reasons to buy a dash cam

Five reasons to purchase a dash camera

Crash for cash With a dash camera you have irrefutable video evidence so that in the event of a crash ...
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Image: Cash For Crash Scene

‘Crash for Cash’ & Dishonest Drivers – just two reasons to buy a dash cam

This year has seen a noticeable spike in the airtime given to ‘crash for cash’ scams, this has bought an ...
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