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10 Tips To Reduce Car Crime

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Recent figures released by the Home Office show that vehicle theft has increased by 50% in the last 5 years. In 2017, there were 103,644 stolen vehicles in England and Wales alone, along with 280,313 other recorded vehicle-related offences.

These staggering figures are clearly a cause for concern, triggering a response from the AA. As crime levels continue to rise, an anti-theft video has been released in order to combat this. The aim is to increase awareness of the various things which you can do to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of car theft.

See the video released by the AA below:


The video shows that there are two types of car theft: Stealing the vehicle, and stealing from the vehicle. Both can be planned or opportunistic, so it is important to take extra care at all times, especially if your vehicle has a keyless entry system, as signals from the key can be relayed by criminals.

It also advises to always listen to the locks ‘click’ before leaving the vehicle, as thieves now use signal blocking, which blocks the lock signal sent by the key.

The AA’s 10 Top Tips are:

  • Always check your door handles are locked before you leave the car. Be careful not to accidentally unlock your car when putting keys in your pocket.
  • Remove anything of value from your car.
  • Keep your vehicle in a locked garage if possible.
  • When looking for a public parking space try to use a car park that offers good security, such as one accredited by the Safer Parking Scheme. Avoid parking in dark streets away from public activity.
  • If your car has a keyless entry system then keep the key in a signal blocking pouch.
  • Always keep your keys in a drawer or other safe place.
  • Consider using a mechanical steering locking device.
  • Fit a Thatcham certified immobiliser.
  • Consider fitting a dash cam system with tracking to help find your car if it’s stolen, and gain evidence of the event.
  • If you’re selling a car, always accompany potential buyers on a test drive.


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